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Products Features!

• SMD 3-in-1 led lamp
• Shock protection
• Load Weight ≥1000 kg/m2
• Built-in mounting trackand smart connectors
• Process Depth ≥16-bit
• Clock Rate ≥20 MHz


Tons of interactive fun with Glow Floor Series! Whether you want to turn your dance steps into a light and colour unique show, or give your space a sophisticated feel, this series will give you that and more.
Modular easy assembly, shock safe components and highly configurable pattern setup.
  GFL10 GFL16 GFL50
Pixel Pitch 10 mm
16 mm
50 mm
LED Lamp SMD 3in1 SMD 3in1
Max. Power /m2 460 W
440 W
300 W
Refresh Rate ≥1000 Hz
≥1000 Hz
≥1000 Hz
Brightness ≥3000 nits
≥3000 nits
≥3000 nits
Module Size (WxHxD) 320 x 160 x 50 mm 256 x 128 x 50 mm 200 x 200 x50 mm
All specifications subject to updating changes.
INDOOR series
Entirely reingeneered aiming at enhanced resolution and power management efficiency, the new Indoor Series makes your best choice for advertising at commercial crowded places like shopping malls and shop windows facing to open street, as well as video broadcast for dance clubs, conventions and mid-scale under-roof spectacle.
OUTDOOR series
Ranging from mid-scale open air spectacle to road gigantic advertising and buildings facade/roof dressing, the Outdoor Series fits perfectly all projects requiring heavyduty, all-weather gear. Featuring intelligent brightness selfadjustment, rigging-ready housing and special micro peaks for each RGB led set, this gear passes the direct sunlight / heavy rain tests with no stepbacks.
Specially developed Strip and Mesh based designed cabinets, the See-Through Series will give you blasting video layouts on stage still having the possiblity to see "what´s behind the screen". Also fit for indoor breathtaking setups, where visual impact on the architecture must be reduced just to video itself.

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Floor LED lighting, discotheques, ball romos, museums GLOW FLOOR series

LEDSYSTEM floor LED lighting, discotheques, ball romos, museums GLOW FLOOR series